Importance of incorporating Courses, Workshops, Diplomas, Conferences and Seminars

The curriculum vitae is the letter of presentation that we have when we want to opt for a position within an organization. It is such an important document that through it we can open or close the possibilities of a work contract.

However, although this document is extremely necessary. But what really has weight and value, is the knowledge, abilities and skills that we have and that we can place them in it. It is not creating a document adorned by qualities that we do not have. It is reflecting what we really are at a professional level.

Similarly, there are people who, when looking for a job, encounter the problem that they have not completed their studies. Maybe because they have abandoned them or because they have not finished. What doubles the possibility of being rejected.

But, the other side of the coin, are those young professionals, recent graduates, who although they have the theory of their knowledge, have not yet managed to develop the practice. Or maybe they want to focus on a particular aspect of their professional profile and they need to reinforce this knowledge.

For these graduates and nongraduates, there is the use of courses, workshops, talks, seminars and graduates, to improve their Curriculum Vitae.

What are the characteristics of Courses, Workshops, Diplomas, Conferences and Seminars, as an option to improve the curriculum vitae?

In the following table, I will give you the most outstanding characteristics of these teachinglearning resources:

Each of these teaching and learning resources will help the graduate to expand and update their knowledge in a certain area.

And for those who are still studying, it will serve them to complement their knowledge acquired to date. However, they should not necessarily be part of the profile of the graduate.

They can also complement the necessary knowledge when choosing a business position. Such as learning another language, managing technological equipment, improving writing and spelling. In addition to personal presence, learn to speak in public, such as oratory and leadership.

Final Recommendations, to improve your Curriculum Vitae

No matter what your weaknesses are, remember that the university degree gives you knowledge about a specific area of knowledge. The masters and doctorates help you to improve your academic level. But the courses, workshops, seminars, courses and conferences, update you and complement what you have already learned. Achieving with them improve your cover letter. Or what is the same, your Currículum Vítae.

I hope this article will help you when deciding to complement your studies. I remind you that we are specialists in the areas of research such as theses, dissertations, scientific articles, among others. I await your comments and if you have doubts do not hesitate to contact us. Until next time.